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Bastiaan Nakano
June 13, 2017

Securing Reimbursement for Virtual Cardiac Rehab

In this video from AACVPR 2016’s panel discussion “Strategies for Success in a Changing Reimbursement Landscape”, exercise physiologist Robert Berry talks about how to secure reimbursement for virtual cardiac rehab programs. Mr. Berry secured reimbursement for Henry Ford’s home-based cardiac rehab through the cultivation of relationships with private insurance companies, through which he communicated the value in reimbursing virtual cardiac care. He discusses requirements to be met for reimbursement and includes tips for programs that would like to offer home-based cardiac rehab as an option to patients experiencing barriers to access. Check out our other videos in the 5 part series “Strategies for Success in a Changing Reimbursement Landscape”, for information on how your cardiac rehab center can adapt and thrive in value-based care.


The Potential of Telehealth in Changing Healthcare Delivery

Imagine a world where you never needed to visit a doctor. Instead, your doctor examines you in the comfort of your home through a video call. You receive a home-delivery of medicines and a test-kit...

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